Jenny losee

The ART of observing 


I often find myself in daydream, observing people and objects in slow-motion. I study the ways the breeze creates a flow of fabric on a window or body, observing the ways two people communicate in their conversation primarily with their body; through their expression of face, posture, where are they choosing to take up space, or create that space where they are at? With over twelve years of wedding photography experience I’ve cultivated the skillset that allows the authentic experience in a moment to be witnessed in a photo.

I attune to a subject and quickly identify how they are most comfortable in front of the camera, or how to create a safe space for their authentic expression. I can spend 5 minutes with a couple and understand how they communicate love. With seeing people, truly seeing them, is how I am able to capture the images that convey emotions, intimacy and authenticity. Which is what people love about my photography and videography.

Preparation has been a huge part of my photography. Learning about the couple and their vision, styling wardrobe, location, a setting and theme in order to tell the story. Planning and art direction creates an intentional photograph. It creates organization. It creates room for capturing something totally different and artistic.

Love note from KENYA

"There have only been a few people in my life who I have met and thought that they are perfectly aligned with their passion. Jenny Losee is one of those people. This passion and professionalism translates perfectly to the level photo photos she produces."

I studied marketing in college and moved into working in the corporate world for many years specializing in creating and marketing content. I always knew I would translate what I learned in that career into what matters most to me. Which is connection, creation, and creativity.

Photography has not only connected me with my dearest friends, but led me to opportunities to capture the human experience abroad. I have had the privilege to photograph clients in Spain, Italy, Nicaragua, Bali, and all over the US. Travel has a very special plI get to celebrate with people having the best day of their lives in gorgeous settings that seem unreal! 

I do what I do because it lights me up. I LOVE my job.

Love note from ELIZABETH

"One of the best gifts you could give yourself to hire Jenny for your occasion."

My fire is driven by the foundation of creativity, Travel, romance and my love for my son, Ridge. Watching a little one grow, showing him the beautiful world is the magic of my life. We spend all of our days off in the trees and by the river 

Seamlessly crafting timeless memories with a personal touch


I support my clients by making their lives as easy as possible. From the booking process to the delivery of the final album. Because of the trust I create with clients I’m able to deliver an experience with ease, and with photos my clients did not know were possible.

I keep things light and with flow during the wedding or a photo session which allows for a smooth and stress free experience. Clients especially love the candid, documentary-style approach paired with the editorial flair I embody. Delivering images that could be published in a magazine while capturing the entire story, guests, details, and romance that is an heirloom to look back on every single year for eternity.

Images that feel magic, alive and never boring.

what sets me apart

I will make you confident and comfortable in front of the camera. I’ve found that just about every single person that gets in front of the camera is totally nervous. They often have never gotten their photo taken professionally and a little unsure how to move, pose, and show up on photo day. Then, after shooting with me, they say I made them feel completely comfortable and it was super fun! They forgot about the camera side of things and really felt safe to come out of their shell. 

I am overly passionate about shooting hybrid of digital and film along with vintage video. I am always exploring new tools and art forms to incorporate in my shoots to keep it fresh and exciting. I have a vision for how I want to create art, use you as my muse, and together make something even better than I could have dreamed up. 

Love note from KENYA

"Jenny is so full of life behind the camera that even to me, who is painfully camera shy and nervous, felt open and authentic with her."


your LOVE as art


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