Natural Light Studio Boise Boudoir Photographer | Fine Art Film Studio Treasure Valley

No Fancy Camera.

No Professional Hair or Makeup. 

No Studio, Lights or wardrobe. 





Featured in Embrace Magazine June 2018

Simplicity and Raw Romance was the inspiration for this Boudoir photo shoot. No professional styling or makeup was done for Elizabeth.  All shot with a $100 film camera in a simple bedroom and natural light. It just shows you don't need to spend a lot or have a large production, keeping it minimal is so beautiful.


When woman come to the shoot a bit nervous and unsure, then throughout the day I get to see them slowly break out of their shell, that is the true transformation and beauty shines through. CONFIDENCE. A woman with a centered gravity is the sexiest thing you can have in a shoot. Which isn't always the case for some people! It is so scary and venerable to really let yourself be seen. To show your soul to a camera.  But when it does happen, it is the most memorizing thing and that is when a photograph happens. 


As a photographer, it is my job to make someone photogenic and to show them as their best selves. When a client gasps, cries and has to sit down after she sees her image, I know I am showing her her own beautiful soul. I want to take the best photograph they have ever seen of themselves because they are strong, real, unique women and they deserve an amazing photograph of themselves that they can be PROUD of. A photograph they want to pass down to their children. A photograph that celebrates their motherhood, turning 18, 30, 50.. 90! A photograph celebrating HER.