What to Wear

Planning a photo outfit can really make a photo shine! Here are some favorite tips I have gathered over the years as a simple guide when planning outfits for your photos!

  1. Keep it Simple- less is always more. keeping a simple color pallet and minimal accessories or layers tend to focus more on the subject. If you are unsure on what exactly to wear, no prob! You can bring a handful of options to the shoot and we can decide together!

  2. Avoid Patterns, Logos and Sunglasses- In a nature setting, earthy and simple is always a safe go-to. There are of course other situations where a bold pattern could work, so trust your gut and always feel free to ask me if you are needing a second opinion.

  3. Dress for the Environment- leather at the beach isn’t exactly ideal. Or wearing a strapless sundress in February. Wear something you would wear to the location we are shooting. For example, a lifestyle home session would look great in jeans and tees and barefoot. Engagements at the top of a mountain is a dramatic and bold setting so something that makes a statement like a flowy dress is great!

  4. Be Yourself- Make sure whatever it is your decide, you feel like YOU! wear something that is the confident, beautiful human you are that lets your best self shine!

  5. Makeup- Keeping things very simple and timeless is great! A polished and effortless look is a perfect go-to!

  6. For some inspiration, including makeup looks, outfits for men, women and children, location inspo and more… click HERE

    Some of my fav online shops:

    1. Anthropology.com

    2. Revolve.com

    3. Freepeople.com

    4. UrbanOutfitters.com

    5. Reformation.com

Images Via Pinterest. To see more Client Outfit Inspo, visit my pinterest guide!