Teton Wedding - Kelsey & Seth

Kelsey was such a fantastic, most organized bride I have ever met. She had all wedding things done about 8 months prior.. I mean TOTALLY done! Which was amazing because she could just enjoy being a newly engaged Idaho girl and camp over the summer with friends. 

In May, we rented a cabin in McCall to do a Boudoir Cabin shoot. It was totally her and we had a lot of fun drinking coffee and staying warm by the fire while making a sexy groom gift for her man.

The night before their wedding, they had a bonfire rehearsal dinner in Victor Idaho and a view of the Teton Mountains. That night, crazy Idaho weather, it decided to snow. Of course. It was rainy, slushy and snowy with no mountains to be seen. No worries, the day was a success with back up plans due to the rain and at the end of the day, the sun came out just in time for a few sunset romantics with those beautiful Idaho mountains as their wedding backdrop.