Lifestyle Portraits- Boise Portrait Photographer

Sy is not only a babe, she is a nutritionist guru! She helps women live a well balanced life through her coachings for a healthy diet. She has been coaching me and is always blowing my mind with new information. I thought I had to workout 5X a week and eat only light foods but she has added a lot of healthy fats to my diet and taught me I don't need to burn myself out or starve myself. I have been feeling less hangry, crashing less, and I no longer live half my life in my workout clothes which gives me more time to enjoy adventures with the ones I love! The more I live this lifestyle and the more I understand, the easier it all becomes and the happier I am with my routine and body. She also has a awesome blog with recipes and tips. Check her out!

Scans: Photovision Prints 

Studio: White Space Studios