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How to Find the Right Photographer

Determine your style

When you start looking at wedding photos you probably are drawn to a certain style. Maybe it is a soft and whimsical pastel film look or maybe it is a deeper darker epic type of photo look! Decide on what you are drawn to and start searching for photographers with photographs and portfolios that speak to you. Envision yourself in those photograohs and make sure it is a style you will love not just in five years but for life. Photographs that last as long as your love!

Get to know them

Your wedding photographer is someone that you will be spending a lot of time with before and after your wedding day. Make sure they click with your personalities and you vibe well. Its important to enjoy their company and you are excited to have them there to document your wedding day and celebrate your occasion. Your photographer will want to become your friend and hopefully continue to work with you when you have a family or other friends weddings down the road, so make sure you not only love their photographs but their personality as well.

Do the research

This is likely your first time planning a wedding so a lot of it is new to you! It is a whole new world to learn but it is so important to research as much as possible. See if they are creditable, have been featured on or awarded by magazine or blogs. Do they have reviews from other brides you can read? While some photographers may have beautiful curated websites or instagram accounts, they may not have the experience of shooting real weddings at certain types of locations.

Ditch the budget

Wedding websites and other people will tell you what you should be paying for your wedding photography. Throw that number out the window! Some photographers will give you their prices and you may experience some sticker shock. But remember, you are truly getting what you pay for. The cost of wedding photography can very well be based on location and years of experience. Besides your wonderful marriage, your wedding photography will be the one thing that remains from the wedding day. Wedding photography is truly an investment into your family heritage and having amazing photographs that document your day are priceless.

Go with your heart.

When looking at photographers there is probably one out there in the universe that speaks to your soul. Trust your instincts and go with your heart. Don’t compromise based on price. You don’t want to wish later that you had hired the photographer you really wanted instead. Your wedding photography is priceless and one of the most important decisions you will make on your wedding day.

Image by Maria Lamb

My name is Jenny Losee, I'm a Fine Art Wedding Photographer obsessed with the way film can be captured. It is so raw, personable, free and moves me which makes me want to create images with subjects being just that... Real. 

I grew up in a small, humble town in Idaho with not a lot to do so I used my time to get crafty! My skills kept growing through different art forms such as  storytelling, painting & pottery but wasn't really sure what to do with my future.. then one day in college, I picked up a camera and realized it was my dream to do this. I dropped out and have been doing weddings and traveling ever since. 


A few reasons I shoot film. 

1. I love how slow paced it is. behind the lens it makes me think about every photo carefully and take my time really making it perfect. Plus- you (the bride) don't feel like you are being chased by the paparazzi. 

2. There are more 'keep' images. Like I said above- film slows me down so every image is carefully thought out and unique so I keep 90% of the film images. Where as the digital images have about 10% of those photos actual kept and returned to you. 

3. Texture. There is a small amount of grain in film which adds a cozy texture to the image. Making it more timeless and real. 

4. Film gives THE MOST perfect, buttery light, skin, color and balance.

5. Film is just more timeless. I look at images I first did with film years ago and still love them. I look back at digital images and see the edit trend for that year. 

6. I am just passionate about film. I feel more like an artist when I shoot it and want you to feel the same thing I do when looking at your images. 


Hope this helps you understand my process and how it will make your experience unique. 

Jenny Losee