Sunrise Autumn Bridals- Washington Wedding Photographer

Vancouver Canada Wedding Photography might be one of my new favorite places. We took a boat from Vancouver to Vancouver Island to shoot some amazingly inspiring wedding bridal photos. The Contax645 picks up the colors better than I could have ever imagined. it is crazy. Sometimes I think what I is in front of my lens is beautiful.. sometimes I get my film back from the same shoot and really realize just how beautiful it really was! Maybe it is the film showing me a romantic dream that this fast paced life doesn't always show. Hashtag I am in love with the photography game. 

Shot by Jenny Losee Photography Shoot led by @brumleyandwells, styling @thewellsmakery, h&mua @_jesswilcox, model @elderoak_and_thorn, gown by @leannemarshallofficial, florals @ponderosa_and_thyme. With @thefindlab, @belindaolsen, @bodegaridge, assistant @charlastorey